An XYsplanation

If you’re an XXist, that’s currently in vogue and so therefore it’s understandable. Even the Prime Minister of Canada calls himself an XXist, and depending on your point of view that might count as a significant endorsement. We all start out as being what becomes a typical XX (whatever that means to you, the particular… Continue reading An XYsplanation

Why Vote?

“The fundamental political idea of modern times is the presumed moral superiority of centralized control.” – Paul Lutus I start this brief essay on voting with this quote to underscore the basic idea – that even unto your most private choices on a quiet afternoon at Cape Spear or Rennell Sound you are at least… Continue reading Why Vote?

Frameworks & Differences

Okay, hello. We’re out in the yard this time, and I gotta get this done, ’cause there’s company coming, so I don’t want to be standing around here like a madman while there’s guests. (Well, I’m not standing, I’m sitting, but you know what I mean.) Today I want to talk about frameworks and differences.… Continue reading Frameworks & Differences

Astro to Astro

Update, November 6 2023: This article may reflect my own inner soul scars between science and our actual experiences. I wrote it because I got the notion to during a time when a lot of my priors on a lot of things were loosening up. And even just a couple of months ago I was… Continue reading Astro to Astro

Voting Systems (if we care)

Voting pre-supposes an informed electorate. Okay, now that we’ve wiped the tears away and stopped laughing, if we’re still going to have voting, let’s talk about voting systems. I’ll be writing from a Canadian perspective, of course. First, there’s what we have now, FPTP. As soon as there are more than two viable options, it… Continue reading Voting Systems (if we care)


Spoiler alert: We made it from Prince Rupert to Cape Breton, 13 days ago now. Of course there’s been this and that going on, but another reason (or perhaps justification) for the protraction is that I was expecting a tidy conclusion to the story, and once that arrived, then I would write something. But in… Continue reading Landed

Capital Cities

It’s Tuesday, April 12th 2022, and we’re having a rest day at my cousin’s house in the cottage country near Plaster Rock, New Brunswick. We mean to reach Sydney on Thursday evening, and the trailer is due at a U-Haul dealer there on Saturday morning. While I watch the river through the window (which according… Continue reading Capital Cities