Packing Panic

Tuesday Night Surely high on the list of things that wind up taking much longer than you think is packing to move. But having finally gotten a decent start, I can recommend two things: Get yourself a “work area” as soon as you can, where you can keep garbage and recycling bags and things you… Continue reading Packing Panic

We Have a (Small) Trailer

Good news and bad news – we have a trailer, but it’s a 4×8, not a 5×8. The lone 5×8 in Prince Rupert has been out of service for weeks awaiting parts. Terrace only had another 4×8. We were generously offered a truck for no extra charge, but without car-towing equipment (which they conveniently didn’t… Continue reading We Have a (Small) Trailer

Fresh Start

It’s time for a fresh start. I recently viewed an intriguing discussion among three self-identified Geeks (indeed, their show is called The Geekbits Podcast). I recommend you watch it as well. I took away two big things: In certain situations, people starting from a clean sheet have a structural advantage compared to people having to… Continue reading Fresh Start